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Spinal Rehabilitation in Fishers, INAt Infinity Health, Dr. Erich Zielinski offers non-surgical treatment options to help restore patients’ spines to their optimal health. These include chiropractic adjustments, customized exercise and rehabilitation programs, post-surgical rehabilitation and on-going patient education.

Chiropractic adjustments can safely rehabilitate the spine without the need for surgery

Chiropractic adjustments are a highly refined skill acquired over years of intensive training. The technique involves the manual application of a controlled force into the spinal vertebrae that have become misaligned and hypo-mobile (limited in their range of motion). This procedure has been proven to correct vertebral misalignment, and this treatment is often accompanied by a clicking sound. While this sound might surprise first time chiropractic patients, it is merely the audible release of gas from within the spinal joints.

Chiropractic care is designed to target this pain and allow the body to heal through accurate spinal adjustments to the central nervous system. In fact, most people feel good when pain is removed. Dr. Zielinski is skilled in identifying spinal misalignments, the source of pain, and addressing it through a series of spinal adjustments that can provide comprehensive pain relief.

Herniated and bulging discs

The disc is the cartilage between the spinal bones (vertebrae). The outer part of the disc is a fibrous material that contains the inner part of the disc, which is more of a gel-like material called the nucleus pulposus. The disc acts as a shock absorber, or a cushion and a spacer between the spinal bones of your spine column.

The disc is softer so it absorbs the shock of the body when you are bending and twisting, and allows spinal movements. The discs also create space in between the bones allowing the nerves to exit out in between the bones. So the discs separate the bones creating that hole called the intervertebral foremen where the nerve comes out. If you have problems with the disc, where it degenerates, or the disc bulges or herniates out, it can put pressure on the nerves causing all different kinds of problems and pain including lower back pain and sciatica.

Specific chiropractic adjustments can remove the subluxations (misalignments) of the spine to restore proper movement and promote healing of the injured discs.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Those who have undergone serious surgery are fully aware of the difficulties a patient can face afterwards in regaining normal function in his or her body. Through the years, the experienced team at Infinity Health has helped countless patients get back on their feet following invasive surgical procedures. Our team is trained to guide you through your post-surgical rehabilitation safely and successfully.

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